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Paprika Salmon rolls

Paprika Salmon rolls
(serves 4)

8 smoked salmon slices
8 slices of toast bread
½ stick (60 gr.) salted butter, softened
½ lemon juice
1 bunch of parsley
sweet paprika

Wash, and chop parsley. In a bowl stir butter with parsley adding a few drops of lemon juice. Remove the crust from the toast bread, with a rolling pin gently flatten the bread and scatter the butter. Place the salmon on the slices of bread and season with freshly ground pepper and a few drops of lemon juice. Roll the slices to form cylindrical rolls, wrap tightly in a plastic wrap and refrigerate for about an hour. Before serving, remove the wrap, dust the rolls in the paprika making sure the bread is evenly spread, and cut into chunks.

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  1. Wilmchen says

    Thank you very much. I made these rolls as canapés for our Christmas-Menu and everybody loved it.

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