Month: August 2011

Blueberries, red currants and salmon salad

Not only desserts: the berries, with their appetizing taste are delicious combined with savory flavors. Blueberries, round and fleshy, characterized by a purple-blue color, and slightly sourish taste can enrich starters raw meat or fish, salads or can become the basis for delicious sauces. And the currants? Excellent for refreshing drinks, but also to enrich and garnish special dishes.

Grilled squids with tomato and Mirabelle chutney

Originating in India chutneys are typical british culture bitter-sweet compotes, then spread all over the world. . The term chutney comes from the East Indian chatni, meaning “strongly spiced”. It is described as a condiment which usually consists of a mix of chopped fruits, vinegar, spices and sugar. To prepare our chutney, we used the Mirabelles plums; this particular variety is mostly found in Switzerland. Small, yellow, with a round shape, the flavor is sweet and firm. As hard to find, we thank our friend, Gabriella, the so called “Gabri” who offering us a whole basket, gave us the opportunity to taste and appreciate them. To enjoy during the year the intense fragrance of our chutney, we prepared and we potted, for storage in our pantry and taste it as often as we will enjoy and remember summertime.

Blackberries tarts

During summertime berries live their magical moment, as they become the ideal ingredients for pies and desserts. Excellent when eaten fresh, and perfect for jams and jellies. During a healthy walk in the woods, I stopped, not to rest, but to pick and taste the deliscious berries purple color, which emerged from the bushes along the way: blackberries. As usual, most desidered things are unreachable. This has happened as well for blackberries. The larger and most juicy ones the were higher. Imagining their flavour, I went beyond the balance, and I fell in the middle of thorns, dragging with me that branch fully of fruits. I got some scratches on the legs, but it has been worthwhile…. and this is the result. Blackberries small tarts: a classic dessert with pastry cream. What do you think about?

Saffron bread in flower pots

What is there nicer than nice bread? Preparing it at home is one of those pleasures of life that must be experienced: the atmosphere that is built around is fascinating and it starts from the moment in which the hands enter the dense mass of ingredients and the dough starts to take its shape, to become alive.Then comes the curious, anxious wait in which the dough is observed growing. Finally, the cooking in the oven that gives it its golden and flavoured shape, filling the house of an unique perfume.I love home-made bread with its soft texture.This “potted” bread with a slightly spiced flavour and a joyous colour given by the saffron is very easy to prepare and can become part of the day to day life. Today we had the privilege of cooking it on a real wood stove, but even when cooked in the normal oven at home I can guarantee you it’s delicious.

Cucumbers gazpacho with rolled bacon croutons

A typical spanish recipe, gazpacho, literally, “mix, melting”, you can find it on all over the world tables. The famous cold soup, made with raw vegetables, is offered in many different flavors and colors. Having some nice cucumbers to prepare, we used for our recipe. Served with small tapas, it is the right proposal for a summery dinner, light, fresh and so delicious.

Potatoes carbonara

There are different versions on the origin of carbonara. It probably first originated as an evolution of a simple plate called “cacio e ova” (litteraly “cheese and eggs”), present in the regions of Lazio an Abruzzo already in the 8th century. However, it was after the war that bacon (later substituted with smoked “pancetta”) and powdered eggs, brought to Rome by the American troops, met with the tradition of the roman pasta, and gave origin to the current carbonara’s recipe. Starting from this traditional italian recipe, I decided to propose it modified in substance but not shape. Infact, I substituted the pasta with an ingredient which, cut with the appropriate machinery, gives the same shape of “spaghetti”; I have maintaines all the other orininal inglredients with just a little addition.  

Mini mediterranean hamburgers with chips

The meatballs born in the U.S.A are easy and quick to prepare and become a gorgeous meal, simply adding a few ingredients. Generally they are prepared with beef meat, but with veal and chicken as well for a sweeter taste. Hamburgers can be made with spices, grated cheese or cold cuts. We have decided for a mediterranean recipe, to be served with the most typical american side: chips. Mini mediterranean hamburgers with chips (serves 4) 12.7 ounces (360 gr.) ground veal 0.5 pound (240 gr.) pork sausage 3 potatoes, medium size 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 2 tablespoons dried tomatoes 0.17 ounce (5 gr.) fresh sage leaves 3 rosemary twigs (0.17 ounce – 5 gr.) olive oil salt pepper oil to fry In a bowl, mix together the meat, sausage, grated cheese and ground pepper with one teaspoon of olive oil untill well combined and set aside. Soften dried tomatoes in some warm water for about 5 minutes. Wash and dry sage and rosemary leaves. Drain and dry dried tomatoes. Grind herbs with tomatoes adding …

Kiwi ice cream with saffron and pine nuts

Ice cream is a treat, a fatal attraction to which it is difficult to escape. The new taste trends prepare ice creams or sorbets with unusual ingredients, getting excellent results. Saffron is characterized by a deep flavor and a delicate taste, perfectly combined with yellow kiwi sourness. So, here a suggestion for a creamy and sweet ice cream, satisfying the most curious and particular people. Kiwi ice cream with saffron and pine nuts (serves 2) 5 gold kiwi ½ cup (100 gr.) granulated sugar ½ cup (100 gr.) water 1 cup (200 ml.) heavy cream 3 egg yolks 1 package saffron 2 tablespoons (30 gr.) pine nuts For french meringues 2 egg whites (2 ounces – 60 gr.) at room temperature 1 cup (120 gr.) powdered sugar 1 pinch of salt some drops lemon juice, strained Prepare the meringues. Heat oven to 176°F – 210°F (80°-100°). In a high edges bowl, pour the white eggs, a pinch of salt and half of powdered sugar. Whip egg whites until stiff, then, with a wooden spoon, gradually, …