Month: September 2011

Basil and pecorino croissants

The other evening we were looking through the pictures we took a few years ago in Paris. Seeing those images brings back those moments made of never ending walks in search of hidden corners, breathing the air with the perfume of croissants and baguette. In those November mornings, we were enjoying our “petit-déjéuner” sat at the table of some little café, the map of the city open in front of us, planning our days between a visit to the Beaubourg, a dinner in a newly discovered restaurant and a quick stop at Fauchon to immerse ourselves in the never ending gourmandises. I smile while I think at the millions of things I would have liked to buy at the market of Montmatre, at the kilometres we did in order to find the right vintage clothes boutique, at the splendid views and lights of the Champs Elysées. The final photos show us sat at the table of a bistrot of Marais, tired but happy of what we bought. How many things we saw, how many memories …

Raspberries clafoutis

Walking among the big trees: a summer pleasure that some of us may enjoy to collect these little delights. Ideal for cakes, milkshakes, smoothies, tasty chances to serve in different occasions: for breakfast or tea time, or as a greedy dessert. Raspberries grow wild in the mountain undergrowth. Their enveloping fragrance is unmistakable, as well as their taste, sweet and aromatic. So what’s better than a clafoutis to enjoy this red pearl?