Month: October 2011

Chocolate Guinness pudding

The beer, a beverage characterized by many flavors, turns out to be a valuable aid in cooking. Not only for stews and roasts, but for puddings as well. Guinness beer, with a bitter taste is the right ingredient for a chocolate dessert. Our friend Alberto, owner of the Irish Pub “La Quercia”, a typical traditional pub, offered us the beer and lent us his perfect location to shoot our Guinness pudding, tasting and enjoying it at the end of the shooting.

Cottage cheese biscuits

Such frantic days……. Many projects about home renovations…… To take advantage of the short spare time I have, I prepared these delicious barley biscuits, with cottage cheese and leftover vegetables. Perfect either as an appetizer (cold or hot)  or as a quick meal…… They can be stored for a couple of days in the fridge…..What can I desire more ?

Chocolate clafoutis with figs, red currants and blueberries

At the market, between little stalls, you still find figs and berries. The temperature is cool and desire of chocolate treast appears. Clafoutis: easy and fast to prepare, using the most beloved fruits, according with changing seasons. A perferct cake, soft, fragrant and conforting. What is there nicer?

Cheese bites

As soon as you get out of the car something special can be smelled in the air. Intense fragrances get mixed with various flavours.Walking around in the splendid village of Bra, between thousands of little stalls, meeting producers and refiners that offer their own products, its a trip at the discovery of the magical world of cheese. Within the many visitors you can meet gourmet experts, individuals with a soft spot for cheese or simply cheese enthusiasts, that here can discover delicious varieties, with antique flavours almost forgotten or new fragrances. Having come back from our visit at the cheese exhibition, with our large load of several rare cheese varieties from all around the world, we decided to suggest a quick recipe, obviously made with cheese: Edamer and Parmigiano.  

Peach ice cream with Amaretti

Leonforte is famous for peaches, called “Settembrine” because they get ripened between September and October, when national production is over since a long time. Finding these beautiful produces on the market stalls, I could not resist: they remind me summer colors and flavors. In Milan, the days are still warm and, often, a refreshing ice cream is a treat. To add a fall note to a typical summer fruit, I chose Amaretti (Italian sweet almond-flavoured biscuits). A good mix between summer and fall………….do you like it?