Month: December 2011

Pumpkin ravioli

Pumkin ravioli are a traditional Christmas eve meal. They appeared for the first time in the areas of Mantova and Ferrara at Gonzaga and Este courts. Their flavour is sweet, balanced because of  the ingredients of the stuffing: the sweetness of the pumpkin and the salty flavour of the fruit mustard together with the nice taste of Amaretti cookies, give the pumpkin ravioli bitter-sweet flavour making them unique and particular.

Dinner with friends

One of the greatest things of life is spending at home a nice evening with friends. Then, together with a good campany, if you “make scarpetta” with grandmother’s recipe stew………… Do you “make scarpetta” ??? Tomoroow I will post granmother’s stew…….a classic italian comfort food.To taste!!!!

Christmas Time

Christmas is close and holiday atmosphere is felt everywhere. Strolling through the center of Milan is the best solution for watching shops windows and be inspired to buy gifts for relatives and friends. In the crowd of a department store or searching for the latest technological gadget, we sat at the table of a nice bakery to enjoy a greedy hot chocolate. And you?

Chocolate dream

To celebrate some events you need something special.The event we are talking about in this case is the restructuring of our photographic studio in Milan, which, after almost a month has finally reopened. We wanted to celebrate this moment with something delicious that would have the power to make us forget the efforts and at the same time give us a boost for the future. Having looked up various things, Arianna decided to prepare her special “Chocolate dream” which always has great success. This is a cake that combines the flavours of the chocolate to the creamy and sweet ganache.In fact, as soon as the cake was placed on the table, not only did it make us happy, but when tasting it, it made us think of the joys of life, simple and honest, only like chocolate and its fragrances can give you.