Month: January 2012

Fusilli, broccoli sauce and Pecorino

Pasta, staple of the italian diet. Many shapes of pasta exist, and one of my favourite is Fusilli. Coming from Campania, fusilli are used for cold or hot dishes. Being a spiral-shaped pasta they deeply absorb pasta sauce, and perhaps they are one of the most popular of the shaped pasta cuts.Today’s recipe offers a soft broccoli sauce combined with strong flavors such as jowl bacon and Pecorino cheese. A stunning dish to taste!

Rasperries soft brownies

Brownies are the typical american bar cookie. They can be enflavored with many ingredients, such as pecans, mint, nutella or whatever you like. Brownies are simple, delicious and quick to prepare. Everyone loves them. The recipe I prepared offers a moist texture, because of sour cream in the batter. The deep chocolate flavor is enriched by raspberries, creating a tasty compound. I suggest you to try to prepare and let me know your opinion.

New year’s day menu

The Italian tradition dictates that the last day of the year is to consume foods symbol of prosperity: the lentils, symbol of money, and pork will bring luck, being a satisfying meal. Together with these typical italian dishes, we prepared a cheese soufflé and ravioli with artichokes. All simply delicious…….. And you, what have you prepared? I wish you all a happy new year. Preparing a soufflé is one of the most satisfying things. At least once in your life you should try to prepare one. As an appetizer or as a side, it is perfect to impress your guests. Listening to the word “soufflé” many people shake.It’s not as difficult as it seems …. let’s do it together.