Year: 2014

Sesame seeds star cookies

Sesame seeds star cookies

Crunchy cookies. The combination of heavy cream with the toasted sesame seeds makes the taste of these cookies unexpected and wonderful. Generally, sesame seeds generally are used to coat cookies, while here, they are in the dough. That’s the reason why the cookies are very, very tasty and luscious. Perfect for breakfast, for a tea break, or any moment during the day, expecially in Christmas holidays. To taste and enjoy.

Raspberry Macarons web

Raspberry Macarons

Les Macarons, so famous and with a big reputation. What are Macarons? They are meringue cookies sandwiched together, with the most tasteful fillings. Only just a few ingredients to make the perfect cookie. They are not so complicated to make, they are made with Italian Meringue, but some steps have to be very precise and accurate. Even if you need several attempts to get the perfect Macarons, I suggest you, once in your life, to try. Being the second attempt, to make things a little bit easier, they are filled with raspberry jam. Absolutely perfect.

Yellow pumpkin bread  2 web

Yellow pumpkin bread

I love baking and I love making bread, trying to spend as much time as possible in this hobby. Pumpkin is generally used in sweet cake loaf or in soups. I decided to make a savoury bread, with a beautifully warm colour, perfect for brunch or for breakfast, slapped with really good butter. The pumpkin does not make the bread particularly sweet. It is a  loaf we were delighted with, infact there were only crumbs left after the brunch Try and let me know.

Soft red velvet chocolate crinkle cookies 3

Soft red velvet chocolate crinkle cookies

Cookies, cookies and cookies. These red velvet cookies are my husband’s favorite ones, chocolatey with a perfect soft texture. I am so happy whenever a recipe turns out really well. They melt in your mouth, but the secret of the recipe is the baking time. The cookies appear undercooked and too soft, but will firm up as they set. Impressive, simple and delicious.

Nutella buttons cookies 3

Nutella buttons cookies

Cookies, cookies and cookies. I found out the pleasure of making cookies. Quick to make and perfect for any time in a day, breakfast, snack or just when you want to taste something small and tasty. These ones,  the first of a series that you will find on the blog, are made with a chocolate sablé (shortcrust pastry)  and a vanilla sablé. It ‘s true, they are a bit long to prepare, ( I suggest to refrigerate the dough each step) but the wait is worth. Delicious plain, but  filled with Nutella, they will be even more delicious and gorgeous.

New caprese

New caprese

In the Northern part of Italy,  Summer has been very cruel: rain, rain and rainy days. September has come with sunny and warm days. So, why not talking about a typical summer dish? Caprese. Caprese is a dish made of mozzarella, tomatoe and fresh basil, as everyone knows. We would like to offer you a new proposal: tomatoes bavarese, mozzarella and small focacce. Follow the recipe and let us know.