Month: November 2014

Yellow pumpkin bread  2 web

Yellow pumpkin bread

I love baking and I love making bread, trying to spend as much time as possible in this hobby. Pumpkin is generally used in sweet cake loaf or in soups. I decided to make a savoury bread, with a beautifully warm colour, perfect for brunch or for breakfast, slapped with really good butter. The pumpkin does not make the bread particularly sweet. It is a  loaf we were delighted with, infact there were only crumbs left after the brunch Try and let me know.

Soft red velvet chocolate crinkle cookies 3

Soft red velvet chocolate crinkle cookies

Cookies, cookies and cookies. These red velvet cookies are my husband’s favorite ones, chocolatey with a perfect soft texture. I am so happy whenever a recipe turns out really well. They melt in your mouth, but the secret of the recipe is the baking time. The cookies appear undercooked and too soft, but will firm up as they set. Impressive, simple and delicious.