Month: November 2015

crostata brownies alle fragole

Strawberries brownies tart

I love tarts and I love brownies …… and after countless attempts I found the perfect recipe for brownies batter. I’m sure each of you has his own recipe for the perfect pastry and brownies batter ….. You can try your favorite recipes for the two doughs, and then assemble the cake, but I recommend you to try mine …. you will not be disappointed. I added one layer of strawberry jam on the bottom and put diced strawberries in the dough …… you know that strawberries and chocolate is the perfect combination. As decoration, I prepared strawberries jellies, but if you want you can omit …… The pie is rich, intense, soft and crunchy…… It can be perfect in case you need a sweet treat this weekend. Let’s go in the kitchen …..