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Lemon and mango cloud

Lemon and mango cloud …… why this name?
The mold I used is called Cloud and the dessert is really light, airy as a cloud.
A fresh taste thanks to the white chocolate lemon mousse  and a strong flavor thanks to lemon confit which
gives a particular note to the dessert.
The recipes are adapted by great Italian and French pastry chefs such as Gianluca Fusto and Philippe Conticini.
I thank my friend Isabelle for the recipe of lemon confit and Mercotte for the recipe of the cake biscuit citron.



Lemon and mango cloud - serves 6/8
  1. - Biscuit cake citron -
  2. 3 oz (90 g) egg yolks
  3. ½ cup + 2 tbsp + 1 tsp (135 g) superfine granulated sugar
  4. 2.5 tbsp (65 g) sour cream
  5. ¾ cup (100 g) pastry flour
  6. ½ tsp (2 g) baking powder
  7. zest from 1 lemon
  8. 3 tbsp (40 g) unsalted melted butter
  9. 1 tsp dark Rhum
  10. - Lemon confit by P. Conticini -
  11. zest from 2 lemons
  12. 2/3 cup (156 g) lemon juice
  13. 6 tbsp (91 g) superfine granulated sugar
  14. - Mango cremoso -
  15. ½ cup + 1 tbsp (146 g) mango puree
  16. 2 oz (54 g) egg yolks
  17. 1 large whole egg
  18. ¼ cup + 2 tbsp + 1 tsp (88 g) superfine granulated sugar
  19. 1/3 cup + 1 tsp (80 g) heavy cream
  20. 2 tbsp (26.5 g) soft unsalted butter
  21. 2,7 g gelatin sheets 200 bloom (0.58%)
  22. - White chocolate lemon mousse -
  23. scant ½ cup (112.5 g) whole fat milk
  24. 9,37 g gelatin sheets 200 bloom (0.85%)
  25. 12.5 oz (350 g) white chocolate
  26. 1 oz (28 g) cocoa butter
  27. 2 cups + 2.5 tbsp (475 g) whipping cream
  28. ½ cup + 1 tbsp (125 g) lemon juice
  29. scant ½ oz grated lemon zest (12.5 g) - 4 large lemons
  1. - Biscuit cake citron -
  2. Heat fan oven to 320F – 160°C.
  3. In a mixing bowl, mix egg yolks with sugar and sour cream.
  4. Add the flour sifted with baking powder and mix quickly to combine.
  5. Then, add lemon zest, melted butter and Rhum (I added 2 tbsp lemon juice as well).
  6. Line a baking tray with baking paper and using an offset spatula and gently spread the batter evenly ½ cm thick and bake for 15 minutes.
  7. Let cool and remove baking paper.
  8. With a 7 inches -16 cm. square pastry ring, cut a square shape.
  9. - Lemon confit by P. Conticini -
  10. Wash the lemons and with a potato peeler, remove the skin.
  11. Put the skin ina small saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil.
  12. Remove water and do this up to three times.
  13. Squeeze and sift lemon juice.
  14. In a small saucepan, pour lemon juice, sugar and blanched lemon skins.
  15. Cook covered with a lid for 12-15 minutes on a low heat.
  16. Remove from the heat and blend the mixture with a hand blender.
  17. Cook with no lid for a further 5 minutes on a low heat.
  18. The mixture will be thick and orange-coloured.
  19. With the back of a spoon, spread the lemon confit over the biscuit and freeze.
  20. - Mango cremoso -
  21. Use clingfilm to fit the bottom of a square pastry ring 7 inches - 16 cm. in diameter and set aside.
  22. Soak gelatin sheets in cold water.
  23. In the jar of a hand blender, pour fruit puree, whole egg, egg yolks, heavy cream and sugar and blend to combine.
  24. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and cook over moderate heat, stirring constantly.
  25. When the mixture reaches 179.5 F - 82°C remove from the heat and return to the jar.
  26. Wring gently gelatin sheets to remove excess water, then add to the warm liquid and blend to melt.
  27. Add soft butter and blend once again.
  28. Pour the mixture in the prepared square ring and freeze.
  29. - White chocolate and lemon mousse -
  30. Soak gelatin sheets in cold water.
  31. Chop white chocolate and cocoa butter and melt until the mixture reaches 107F - 115F (40-45°C).
  32. Add lemon zest and mix to combine.
  33. Heat milk until 125F - 50°C and dissolve gelatin sheets.
  34. Gradually pour milk on melted chocolate and mix quickly to combine, until you get a smooth and glossy mixture.
  35. Add lemon juice and blend with a hand blender.
  36. When the mixture reaches 100F - 38°C (absolutely not under 95F - 35°C) gently add whipped cream.
  37. - To assemble -
  38. Pour the mousse and fill the mould a bit less than ½ full and frreze for about 10 minutes to set.
  39. Insert in the middle the frozen mango cremoso and press a little.
  40. Insert the biscuit cake citron (confit downward) and press a little.
  41. Freeze.
  42. - To serve -
  43. Remove the frozen dessert from the mould and invert on a wire rack.
  44. Spray the cake with white cocoa butter and then with the yellow cocoa butter.
  45. Garnish as you prefer with lemon zest..
  46. Refrigerate for 12 hours to allow the cake bring back to right temperature (as now the cake is still hardened stage).
  1. Biscuit cake citron: you can get a sqauare 7 inches base and some leftovers.
  2. Recipe by Mercotte.
  3. Lemon confit: recipe adapted from
  6. White chocolate lemon mousse: you will have 11 oz-300 g leftovers

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  1. I found this recipe/image via Foodgawker and I’m so happy I did. It’s absolutely stunning. The most beautiful food I’ve seen in a while. (I’m sure it’s also delicious!)

  2. ciao Arianna..ho fatto il Limone confit..ho fatto tutti i passaggi, ma mi sembra molto forte..ho usato limoni normali… !! spero di non rovinare tutto..!!

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