Month: January 2017

croissants parigini

French croissants

Friends, I got it! Even if I’ve been afraid for a long time about french croissants, I decided to get it and I ensure you that after just one bite of these gorgeous and buttery ones, you will never be able to eat a store-bought croissant ever again. They aren’t incredibly difficult and even if you will not get perfect croissants the very first time, have fun and enjoy the experience of making them at home. Practice and experience will help you, but do not be afraid…. You will need time and patience, but but the results are well worth the effort. Flour and butter make the difference, so choose best brands. You will have a video,  to guide you along……so no more excuses…… Enjoy these french croissants with a cup of coffee and a selection of confitures and jams…. and have a nice day!