Month: August 2017

infiniment Vanille 1

Tarte Infiniment Vanille by Pierre Hermé

A great opportunity, a lovely woman, Pinella. Thanks to her and to Silikomart, the opportunity to attend Pierre Hermé Masterclass at Hangar 78 ……. So I decided to take part of the contest “Dolci d’autore” – Pierre Hermé of Pinella. I knew from the beginning which dessert to prepare: “Tarte Infiniment Vanille”, by the french magazine Fou de Ptisserie. Why this treat and not another one? Because I’ve always wanted to achieve it, and finally the right occasion has come. I spent a day thinking “how to” prepare it … and after thinking so much, I decided that I would respect the original shape of the dessert, using a part of the “Eclipse” mold (as expected). Simply because I feared that by modifying the shape and thickness of the cake, I would have in some way changed the balance that Hermé wanted to create with this wonderful tart. The best Idessert have ever eaten until now. If i should prepare it again, I would prepare it exactly the same way. Thank you Pinella.