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Beef Wellington

Occasionally, we want to cook a classic recipe. The idea was to dine with friends, enjoying a good meal of meat, accompanied by a glass of wine. After a brief consultation, we decided for a classic roast. when to the butcher we saw that gorgeous fillet, we could not resist, and we immediately thought to beef Wellington. The dinner was quickly eaten, no leftovers, and the bottle of Merlot disappeared….. In short, a nice night with good friends.

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Deep-fried battered prawns with crispy noodles

My friend Mimmo, the fishmonger at the food market, always has excellent fish. His counter is covered by all sort of sea delicacies. When I go early in the mornings, before it gets busy, I manage to chat to have a chat with Mimmo and I ask him to advise me on what to buy. Today I decided to purchase some prawns and on my way home I was trying to come up with the best recipe to use. Going through one of my many cooking books I found the recipe for a soft batter which seemed to be the perfect match to the sweetness of the prawns. In the end, the delicious shrimps covered in the light batter and deep fried, matched perfectly the light crunchiness of the fried rice noodles…this fried and easy to prepare dish was delicious!

Blueberries, red currants and salmon salad

Not only desserts: the berries, with their appetizing taste are delicious combined with savory flavors. Blueberries, round and fleshy, characterized by a purple-blue color, and slightly sourish taste can enrich starters raw meat or fish, salads or can become the basis for delicious sauces. And the currants? Excellent for refreshing drinks, but also to enrich and garnish special dishes.

Grilled squids with tomato and Mirabelle chutney

Originating in India chutneys are typical british culture bitter-sweet compotes, then spread all over the world. . The term chutney comes from the East Indian chatni, meaning “strongly spiced”. It is described as a condiment which usually consists of a mix of chopped fruits, vinegar, spices and sugar. To prepare our chutney, we used the Mirabelles plums; this particular variety is mostly found in Switzerland. Small, yellow, with a round shape, the flavor is sweet and firm. As hard to find, we thank our friend, Gabriella, the so called “Gabri” who offering us a whole basket, gave us the opportunity to taste and appreciate them. To enjoy during the year the intense fragrance of our chutney, we prepared and we potted, for storage in our pantry and taste it as often as we will enjoy and remember summertime.