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red cherry

Red cherry

Red cherry….the only way it could be called this dessert…….a cherry and white chocolate bavarian cream. Inside a yogurt chantilly, that perfectly matches with the bavarian cream, then a pistachio biscuit Joconde, that fits perfectly with cherries. A balanced dessert, creamy but crunchy and soft……all the elements to become one of your favorite desserts. Recipes by Luca Montersino, but the biscuit Joconde: the recipe comes from Isabelle.  

white chocolate panna cotta

White chocolate and red berries panna cotta

Another single portion, another different glaze … berries glaze. A white chocolate panna cotta. A light one, not so thick like I wanted it to be, but a glaze able to give a pleasant taste and a nice color. The cranberries shortcrust pastry is the perfect combination with the not too sweet panna cotta, giving a little “crispness” to the dessert. A simple but tasty treat.  

crinkle cookies 1

White chocolate lemon crinkle cookies

Lemon crinkle cookies………for sure the best cookies ever…… I am addicted to bake cookies, as I have said several times…but these ones are something special. Soft, with a cakey texture ….a texture I haven’t really found in other cookies. It seems to eat a slice of cake……but you are eating a cooky……unbelievable….. Do not forget the perfect combination of flavors: lemon and white chocolate….delicious. Try for your Xmas party: no one will resist.