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Lemon and mango cloud

Lemon and mango cloud …… why this name? The mold I used is called Cloud and the dessert is really light, airy as a cloud. A fresh taste thanks to the white chocolate lemon mousse  and a strong flavor thanks to lemon confit which gives a particular note to the dessert. The recipes are adapted by great Italian and French pastry chefs such as Gianluca Fusto and Philippe Conticini. I thank my friend Isabelle for the recipe of lemon confit and Mercotte for the recipe of the cake biscuit citron.


Lemon meringue tarts

French pastry chefs are famous for their “Lemon meringue tart”. Every one has his own recipe, especially for the lemon filling. In addition to lemon juice and eggs, they can use starch, gelati sheets, a lot of butter or white chocolate…. But everyone wants to achieve the same goal: a soft and velvety batter with a strong lemon flavor. generally it is combined with a billowy meringue, which can be flamed with a torch, or not. I decided to add small French meringues … just to get the right combination of textures. I read so many recipes,by the most famous Italian and French pastry chef, to get the so-called perfect lemon cream … ..and to realize my first lemon meringue tarts I chose the recipe by a great master of Italian pastry Emmanuele Forcone. But in the future, do not miss the recipes by the great French pastry chefs.

crinkle cookies 1

White chocolate lemon crinkle cookies

Lemon crinkle cookies………for sure the best cookies ever…… I am addicted to bake cookies, as I have said several times…but these ones are something special. Soft, with a cakey texture ….a texture I haven’t really found in other cookies. It seems to eat a slice of cake……but you are eating a cooky……unbelievable….. Do not forget the perfect combination of flavors: lemon and white chocolate….delicious. Try for your Xmas party: no one will resist.

Lime pie

As I have said many times, I love cheescake! I therefore wanted to try this famous american dessert, which looks and has a texture similar to my favourite dessert. American tradition says that Florida Key limes should be used…however, in the absence of these, I just used the limes I can find in the shops. I was worried that the condensed milk would make this cake sickening, however, the lime juice and the lemon zest created the perfect balance between all the ingredients. The result was a creamy, soft dessert; the crumbliness of the buiscuit base adding to the perfection. Now that it is nearly summer, I believe this to be the perfect pudding…for breakfast, a snack or after dinner….basically ideal for any situation.