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Pane al latte di Hokkaido 1

Hokkaido milk bread

A special milk bread, prepared with a special japanese method: Tangzhong. Tangzhong is a roux, prepared with water or milk, that has to be added to the dough…..your bread will be super soft and very very delicious. You will get a bread higher and lighter than it would otherwise be. A perfect milk bread for breakfast or for tea time. I reduced the sugar a little, but if you follow the original recipe, you can get gorgeous and delicious small brioches or “pains au chocolat”.

Yellow pumpkin bread  2 web

Yellow pumpkin bread

I love baking and I love making bread, trying to spend as much time as possible in this hobby. Pumpkin is generally used in sweet cake loaf or in soups. I decided to make a savoury bread, with a beautifully warm colour, perfect for brunch or for breakfast, slapped with really good butter. The pumpkin does not make the bread particularly sweet. It is a  loaf we were delighted with, infact there were only crumbs left after the brunch Try and let me know.

Saffron bread in flower pots

What is there nicer than nice bread? Preparing it at home is one of those pleasures of life that must be experienced: the atmosphere that is built around is fascinating and it starts from the moment in which the hands enter the dense mass of ingredients and the dough starts to take its shape, to become alive.Then comes the curious, anxious wait in which the dough is observed growing. Finally, the cooking in the oven that gives it its golden and flavoured shape, filling the house of an unique perfume.I love home-made bread with its soft texture.This “potted” bread with a slightly spiced flavour and a joyous colour given by the saffron is very easy to prepare and can become part of the day to day life. Today we had the privilege of cooking it on a real wood stove, but even when cooked in the normal oven at home I can guarantee you it’s delicious.

Cheddar and onion english bread

In spite of small technical problems for the renewal of the blog, about we apologize (we know that when you try to improve something, as usual, something wrong happens! damn) we carry on with our recipes, and we try to find consolation with a delicious English bread. It is perfect with salads, cold cuts or soups, but I confess you, we tasted with nothing else, enjoying all its flavour and sweetness. Cheddar and onion english bread (make 1 big loaf) 3 generous cups (450 gr.) all purpose flour 3 talespoons (45 gr.) unsalted butter 1.26 teaspoon (6gr.) active dry yeast 1 onion, finely chopped 6.14 ounces (175 gr.) grated matured Cheddar 1 teaspoon mustard powder ¾ cup (150 ml.) warm water ¾ cup (150 ml.) warm milk salt pepper oil to grease the mold In a pan, melt 1.7 tablespoon (25 gr.) of butter, let the onion burnish until golden and let cool. In a bowl, sift the flour, add the yeast, mustard, salt and ground pepper. Add ¾ of grated Cheddar and chopped onion. …