Aperol Spritz on the beach
(For 8 shot glasses: width 1.57 inches (4 cm.) in diameter – Height 2.55 inches (6,5 cm)

0.84 cup (200 ml.) Aperol
0.63 cup (150 ml.) Prosecco
0.21 cup (50 ml.) Tonic water
0.2 ounces (8 gr.) isinglass
1 untreated orange

Put the isinglass in cold water to soften. In the meantime prepare the cocktail. As soon isinglass is softened, wring, and put it in a little pot with the cocktail. Leave on low heat for a few moments until it is entirely melted. With the help of a funnel put the content in the shot glasses, leave them to cool down in room temperature for about 10 minutes and eventually put the glasses in the fridge for about 6-8 hours (otherwise over night). Before serving, cut the orange in slices and make out of them 8 little pieces to put on the shot glasses.

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