Another small step to improve our Blog: the new banner and logo; how What do you think about?
Our friend, Mauro, a macigian in graphics, after a short consultation, has surprised us by releasing a part of the new look of “cookingmesoftly” that, slowly, along with other small innovations that will come (hopefully) soon, will continue to improve in building our soul. To celebrate and share this moment with you, we offer a fresh meat tartare.

Fillet tartare with crispy cheese mousse

(serves 4)

1.14 pound (520 gr.) beef tenderloin
8 cherry tomatoes
2 slices of homemade bread, or bread of your choice
4.93 ounces (140 gr.) Robiola fresh cheese spread
4.2 ounces (20 gr.) walnuts
4.2 ounces (20 gr.) pistachios
1 lemon juice
olive oil

Wash the tomatoes, dry and dice them, remove the seeds and leave them to drain their water. Slightly soften the Robiola cheese with a fork, season it with olive oil, pepper and merge walnuts and pistachios, finely chopped. With a sharp knife, cut the fillet tartare, dressing with oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Dice the bread and toast in a large pan with some drops of oil. Arrange the meat in faily large tumblers, spread the cheese and cover with a tomato layer. Serve the tartare with toasted diced bread.

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