In the last few days cold and snow have arrived in my city: Milan.

It had been a few years since I last saw everything covered in snow in the streets I usually walk through. Although I know these surroundings very well, seeing them covered by a thick white layer, makes them take on a different appearance, almost unknown.

The silence and the purity I breathe in when I walk through the streets of my neighborhood make me feel good. I listen to the muffled noises of the city, while I look at the kids that chase eachother happily and ignoring the cold. When it snows everything slows down, everything becomes calmer, the landscapes go back to being human even in the city, the perfumes are cold, of warm food and restorative. My day has gone by peacefully, once I returned home I remained with my nose pressed against the window to see the white flakes fall from the skyes while the soup was cooking.

I decided to warm up my soul with a real comfort food, in the fridge simple ingredients allowed me to prepare what I wantet. Leeks, potatoes, some stock, and…
The weather forecasts say that from Siberia more cold will reach us in the next few days, with temperatures well below zero. At this point, in order to keep myself warm i might cook something else for my soul.

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