About us

Cookingmesoftly is us, Arianna e Paolo.
We represent a family, and together, we share our passions made of good living and pastry. We share recipes and images and videos, ideas and feelings with who wants to follow us.

We have lived in Milan for many years, where we dedicated our time to intense and frantic moments…since a few years, we moved to the countryside.
Slower rhythm and more time to dedicate to our passions.
Reading a book, living on the green grass, cultivating the vegetables garden, baking cakes to share with some friends.
That’s out life.

What we do

Cookingmesoftly is a blog dedicated to pastry, but also a brand that grows and changes along with its readers.

We share recipes and videos to create a pastry lovers community.
We publish our e books, we prepare meetings and workshop to deepen culinary and pastry techniques with selected characters.

In the last few years cookingmesoftly has grown up and opened its kitchen to meet friends, to share passions, spending time together, talking about sweet desserts.
So, stay tuned, to organize next gorgeous and sweet moments, not only on line.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

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