What is there nicer than nice bread?
Preparing it at home is one of those pleasures of life that must be experienced: the atmosphere that is built around is fascinating and it starts from the moment in which the hands enter the dense mass of ingredients and the dough starts to take its shape, to become alive.Then comes the curious, anxious wait in which the dough is observed growing. Finally, the cooking in the oven that gives it its golden and flavoured shape, filling the house of an unique perfume.I love home-made bread with its soft texture.This “potted” bread with a slightly spiced flavour and a joyous colour given by the saffron is very easy to prepare and can become part of the day to day life.
Today we had the privilege of cooking it on a real wood stove, but even when cooked in the normal oven at home I can guarantee you it’s delicious.

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