Verres de fraises
(serves 4-6)

1.763 pound (800 gr.) strawberries
½ weak ounce (12 gr.) isinglass (Gelatin sheets)
1 very generous cup (150 gr.) powdered sugar
5 tablespoons (75 ml.) heavy cream Cream
1.4 tablespoon (20 gr.) unsalted shelled Pistachio

Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. Quickly wash and cleanse the strawberries under water and cut into small pieces. Mill with sugar and pass the mixture through a strainer. Bring the strawberry sauce to boil, stirring constantly, add the well-wringed isinglass to the cream and cook for another minute to dissolve the gelatin entirely and stir the mixture. Remove from heat, let cool and pour into 4 tumbler glasses. Allow to cool and put in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Just before serving, whip the cream, fill the glasses to your preference and sprinkle the surface with the chopped pistachios. Keep in refrigerator up until you serve.

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