Finally after pressing requests, Aria has prepared the ice cream. Not too fat, because of fruit…… a soft flavour which takes you to the real taste, the one prepared by master ice cream men, where their ability, special and secret recipe and ingredients made the difference…… as in this occasion.

Blackberries yogurt ice cream
(serves 4 – Molds: Width 2.16 inches (5.5 cm.) – Height 3.14 inches (8 cm.)

2.64 ounces (75 gr.) blackberries
¾ generous cup (200 gr.) plain Greek yogurt
½ cup (100 ml.) heavy cream
1 tablespoon honey

Wash quickly blackberries and dry them with a paper towel. With a fork, mash some of them and cut the remaining ones in half and set aside. In a large bowl, mix together the yogurt and honey until well combined. Place heavy cream in freezer for some minutes, then whip with electric whisks. Gently add whipped cream and blackberries to yogurt mixture. Pour it in 4 popsicles moulds, tapping down a few times to allow yogurt mixture to fully settle into mould. Deep inside the typical wooden popsicle sticks into yogurt mixture pushing down about 1.18 inches (3 cm.) from the top. Place popsicles moulds in freezer for at least 8 hours. To remove the icecreams from the moulds, let them sit for 5 minutes at room temperature. For a few seconds, let run warm water over the exterior of the moulds, keeping them upside down. Gently pull on the sticks to encourage the release of the product. Taste immediately.

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